Camp Policies


Everyone has to have them. It is our hope to provide you with a pleasant stay. For everyone’s comfort and safety the following policies have been established. Thank you for being our guest and enjoy your stay!

Frowns: are not allowed. If you feel compelled to bring one, leave it at the dump station and pick it up when you leave.

Check-In: 1:00pm (or later) All River-Bottom sites must check in at the main office.                                  

Checkout: 11:00am

Quiet Hours: 10:00 PM – 8:00 AM. Please be considerate of your fellow campers. The music you enjoy and find tasteful may not be your neighbor’s favorite. Please keep the radio, stereo, TV, etc. volume low. All visitors must register at the office and are asked to leave the grounds by 10 pm.

Cancellation Policy: Reservations may be cancelled anytime up to 72 hours before arrival for a $20 per site fee. Refunds are not available for any reservation cancelled within 72 hours of arrival.

Site Rental: Site rent is paid in advance. Rates apply for up to 4 adults (call for additional capacity details), 1 RV and/or 1 vehicle. Please contact us to make arrangements for additional vehicles.

Campfires: You may bring your own above ground fire pit for use as allowed by any applicable fire restrictions/regulations in place at the time of your stay. Permanent fire pits are not provided by Palisade Basecamp at each site.

Picnic Tables: All sites have picnic tables!

Restroom, Shower & Laundry Facilities: Open 24 hours. For human use only, please no dog baths. Please look after your things, Palisade Basecamp is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.

Boulder Playground: The boulder playground is open only during daylight hours. There is no attendant. Parents must be present at the playground while their children play. Parents assume all risk.

Swimming Pool: Open seasonally from May 1 – October 15. Children under 14 MUST be accompanied by an adult. Complete set of pool rules and regulations are available at the office.

Colorado River: Guests may access the Colorado River which is adjacent to, but lies beyond Palisade Basecamp property, however, accessing the river is done at the guests own risk. There are no lifeguards on duty and the river is changing constantly. Palisade Basecamp is not responsible for guests who choose leave Basecamp property to access the river.

Bear Country and Wildlife: YOU ARE IN BEAR COUNTRY! Please do not feed cute critters or non-cute critters may show up. Keep all trash and food secure. Please take trash to dumpsters DAILY. 

Hunting and Fishing: Fishing the river from Palisade Basecamp shoreline requires licensing per the State Parks & Wildlife Department of Colorado.  Hunting may be permitted during the winter season upon written permission from Palisade Basecamp management and requires all necessary licenses.

Firearms: Palisade Basecamp welcomes and supports all law-abiding firearm owners and the possession of firearms in accordance with local, State and Federal law. Laws regarding firearms shall be strictly enforced.

Adjacent Farming Activities: By signing check-in paperwork, and/or making payment upon reservation, all guests release Black Bear Orchards LLC, its employees, and Brian and Rebekah Cox of all liability associated with farming operations conducted on the adjacent fruit orchard west of the Palisade Basecamp main entrance, and any potential impacts those operations might have.


Restrictions: No fireworks, frowns, disorderly conduct, or other methods of inhibiting the good times of others. Any person who defaces, injures or destroys resort property or equipment or whose children, pets or guests do so, will be held liable for the full cost of damages.

Pets: Pets are welcome at the resort (RV and tent camping) as long as each pet is accompanied by a 6ft leash and an owner. Please do not leave your pet outside unattended. We have a designated pet park. Please use it and kindly pick up after your pets. Pets are not allowed in the restrooms, showers, laundry, pool or play area. Please do not set up fences or kennels on the grass. 

Children: We love kids but not everyone appreciates when they are unaccompanied. Parents are responsible for their children at all times. If your child is under age 14 years old they must have a parent with them at all times. All children must be on their sites by 10:00 PM.

Smoking: Smokers, please watch your butts – Cigarettes aren’t campfires. Be considerate of your fellow campers downwind and be sure to pick up your butts and put them in the garbage. Thank you for NOT smoking (of any kind) in ANY public building or within 25 feet of any building. 

Firewood: To prevent the spreading of pests (firewood related) please do not bring your own firewood. We have bundles available for purchase at the Palisade Basecamp store. Gathering of wood or cutting trees (including branches) is NOT permitted in the campground or on surrounding property. 


Your Site & Etiquette: A campsite is just like your home’s yard. Don’t walk through others’ camping space, and coach your kids to do the same. Please stay on roads or walkways. Do not park your vehicles, bikes or ATV’s on a vacant site. 

Garbage: Some unlucky person in your party will have to take the garbage to the dumpster. If you are travelling alone, it’s you. Please be sure to bag all trash (including cigarette butts) and dispose of it in the dumpsters. You are responsible for your sites cleanliness. 

Dishes: Your meals may have been delicious but please do not wash the remnants at the pool, in the bathroom sinks, showers or in the laundry room.

Generators: Thank you for Not running a generator at any time. All campsites provide electricity at 20, 30, or 50 amp options so generators are prohibited except with written permission from Palisade Basecamp management for unique circumstances.

Sewer Connection: Since we think fresh air is wonderful, a secure sewer connection is required at both ends of your sewer line by Colorado State Law.

Arrivals & Departures: If you’re leaving early, pack up what you can the night before so you can just unhook and go, without a lot of slamming compartment doors. If you show up after dark, try your best to keep noise and lights to a minimum. 

Riverfront Camping: Campsites have electric hookups ONLY. Community water and Wi-Fi is available.

Cabins: BBQ’ing shall always be outside the cabins. Please bring your own linens. All of our cabins are non-smoking.

For everyone’s comfort and safety we ask that you observe and follow our rules and show consideration for your camping neighbors. They are on vacation too.