Life tastes good here, all year long

Once you spend time in beautiful Palisade, Colorado, you know you’ll want to stay longer! Palisade Basecamp offers limited extended stay opportunities. The extended stay program offers a beautiful mild winter atmosphere for the snowbirds, or a longer summer for those who want to spend more time in the area exploring. Western Colorado is a hub for food, wine, and outdoor adventures and Palisade Basecamp makes the perfect extended stay spot, perfectly situated along the Colorado River in Palisade’s wine and fruit country.

October – March (Off Season)

  • Stays up to 150 consecutive days
  • $1,000 per month plus electricity (individually metered per site)

April – September (Peak Season)

  • Stays up to 90 consecutive days
  • Dependent on the timing of the extended stay – $1,600 per month – includes electricity. No additional charges for utilities.

General Information

How to Apply

A link to our online application is below or please reach out to our office at [email protected] or 970-462-9712. We also run the following reports on every extended stay guest over the age of 18: criminal background, sex offender registry, and address history.

Every guest over the age of 18 is required to fill out an application. The application fee is $15.00 per guest application. The application fee will be charged at the time of running all reports.


  • No more than one passenger vehicle and one camping rig are allowed at a campsite (we have overflow parking available)
  • Rigs older than 15 years are not allowed (remodeled ‘vintage’ rigs may be approved upon inspection)
  • Limit of 2 adults per site (maximum of 5 people, immediate family)

What to Expect

Western Colorado is a hub for food, wine, and outdoor adventures and Palisade Basecamp makes the perfect extended stay spot, perfectly situated along the Colorado River in Palisade’s wine and fruit country.

Frequently Asked Questions

We do offer year-round extended stay. However, the Town of Palisade limits the stays to 150 days during our Off Season from October to March, and 90 days during our Peak Season from April to September. Once those days are reached, guests must vacate the park for 14 consecutive days before starting additional stay periods.

No, with the previous application and paperwork on file, we would only ask that you re-sign the extended stay agreement for each block of stay.

Yes, we love having pets but we do ask that you bring no more than 4 pets total. Always keep your pets on a leash, unless they are with you playing in the dog park. Remember, your pet may be friendly but other animals may see it as a threat and react accordingly. Be sure to be a responsible pet owner and clean up after them.

During the Off Season, it will be our winterized River Bluff Back-in sites. During the Peak Season, it will be our extended sites are at our Deluxe Back-in sites.

Yes, extended stays are only available for RV sites.

Current electric rate (as of January 2024) is $0.21/kw used. Average monthly usage is between $50-$200 depending on several factors including RV size, enclosed underbelly, all season package on the RV, thermostat temp setting, RV skirting and use of the built-in propane furnace. We highly discourage the use of portable electric heaters or portable air conditioners as they can malfunction and start a fire without warning.

We understand the need to have a fully functioning RV that looks great too! Please inform the office if you need to do any of these things to your RV. Other guests here are on vacation and would appreciate limiting these activities to the afternoon. Personal vehicle (car, truck, SUV) maintenance or washing is NOT allowed in the park.

We ask that you limit the amount of clutter around your RV, so as much as possible keep items inside or in totes under your RV and in the driveway gravel. The grass is watered nightly during the warmer months so your items will get wet during these times. Using the suggested totes will prevent them from getting wet and placing them under your RV and in the gravel will reduce the chance of direct water spray from the sprinklers.

Remember the other guests are here on vacation. Running a generator can be disruptive, so approval must be granted by the General Manager. However, the use of solar panels is approved if they remain off the grass (specifically mounted on the rooftop or portable panels in the driveway).

We have overflow parking for extra vehicles. Your RV will fit in almost every spot in the park; however, some spots may have issues fitting a vehicle in the same drive as their large RV. Our office staff is happy to point out where you can safely park your vehicle(s). We provide one parking pass per site and additional parking passes are available for a small fee. If you bring a Class A or C and it is towing a vehicle, there is no need for an additional pass unless you have another vehicle someone else is driving in separately. A truck/SUV towing a trailer will still receive one pass and will need to purchase a separate pass if someone staying with them drives a separate vehicle.

Any visitors outside of those registered as an extended stay guests must check-in at the office and purchase a Day Tripper pass if they would like to enjoy the resort amenities. If you are having a large gathering or event, please reach out to the office to secure a larger area (a rental fee may be required).

Yes, we do allow skirting in the winter months but it will need to be inspected and approved by the General Manager. The skirting must match the aesthetics of the RV (foam boards, wood, hay bales, etc. are not acceptable materials).

Tents are never permitted in the RV sites. We have a dedicated riverside tent camping area.

The Town of Palisade restricts RVs over 15 years old. However, remodeled ‘vintage’ RVs may be approved upon inspection by the General Manager.

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